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Local Wildlife

Encompassing a 1km range from the campsite our diverse surrounding landscape of sea shore, remote hills, and rugged farm land is home to a variety of local wildlife including the mighty white tailed eagle. The white-tailed eagle first arrived in Wester Ross during the 1990’s following a successful reintroduction program on the Isle of Rum and Mull, and with an impressive 8ft wingspan an adult is the UK’s largest bird of prey. These impressive apex predators are regularly spotted from the campsite soaring above our adjacent hill line, and the area is resident to a breeding pair and a confident juvenile. A short venture along the Sands River circuit leads into their predatory range and this territory provides the ideal location to get sight of these magnificent birds feeding, effortlessly soaring overhead, or interacting with buzzards, ravens, and hooded crows.


In addition to eagle sightings at the Sands River circuit it, as well as our scenic 2km circular path, offer a variety of dragonflies, butterflies, and ground nesting birds, with the terrain also providing those with a keen eye an opportunity to spot a slow worm, newt, or stoat.

If you have a kayak, you can enjoy chance encounters with a visiting dolphin, porpoise, or resident seal on the short paddle to Longa Island where sightings of feeding seabirds and divers are virtually guaranteed.


The campsite is also home to a breeding sand martin colony and a rare population of sand burrowing bees, while the Sand river estuary is a popular location for various wading birds and occasional roaming otter.

Whether you’re a keen enthusiast or an interested beginner the area provides something for everyone and the sight of a white-tailed soaring overhead is enough to thrill even the more seasoned wildlife experts.

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